Type of mission

3-Step Humanitarian mission

  • Step 1: 4 – 11 October, 2017
  • Step 2: 1 – 11 April, 2018
  • Step 3:  14 – 25 October, 2018


Phetchabun, Thailand

Partner organization 

Radion International




Art Therapists

Ara Parker and Nicha Leehacharoenkul


  •  26 Hmong children with severe trauma
  • 6 caregivers
 DEME Group (DEME4Life Foundation), Faber-Castell




The Hmong community are a socially marginalized ethnic minority, who largely inhabit the high mountainous Northern and Western regions of Thailand. The Hmongs have a strong belief system based on animism, shamanism and ancestral worship. Due to war and relocation over several decades, this has affected the community’s social and cultural life.

This programme reached out to Hmong children in Khek Noi Village, Phetchabun, Thailand, who are exposed to domestic violence and abuse, and engage in high-risk behaviours such as glue-sniffing and use of drugs.

The main objectives for this programme were the following:

  • Increase the children’s self-confidence;
  • Promote creative self-expression and emotional regulation through the arts;
  • Encourage group cohesion amongst themselves;
  • Ensure impact sustainability by training the caregivers from RADION International, to continue the process of healing and growth of children  



Type of mission

Humanitarian and trauma relief

Step 1: 10 – 19 October, 2014

Step 2: 6 – 15 May, 2015


Chiang Mai

Partner organization

Radion International, Chiang Mai “Streetkids Home" (shelter for children from the Hmong Thai village)

Art therapist

Citlyn Jiun Sarkar, Christine Tok


17 teens (12-17 yo), 3 caregivers

Vandenborre Family


To provide art therapy intervention to teens who are in rehabilitation due to physically abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse or severe neglect.

To identify and train the caregivers of the shelter to continue with therapeutic art with the teens.

To introduce visual journaling to the teens and caregivers.


Our work here

Number of missions: 2

Global impact in Thailand: 

  • 43 direct beneficiaries (children & teenagers)
  • 9 caregivers (Train-the-Trainer)



Programmes: 3-Step humanitarian mission, Trauma relief