Type of mission

Art therapy residency

1 April – 1 October, 2018 (6 months)


Ayacucho, Peru

Partner organization

Diamanta (Solid Peru)

Beneficiaries : 

137 residents (15-19 years old) 

40 local staff


Simon Murray


The years of violence due to an internal political conflict in Peru in the 1980s and ‘90s took their toll on the country, many people died and survivors were left to deal with the death or disappearance of loved ones, the destruction of homes and farms and the disintegration of families and communities. 

Research has shown that sustained political violence in Peru has long-term consequences in the form of PTSD, anxiety and depressive disorders, and culturally formulated expressions of distress.

The Red Pencil will provide art therapy sessions to people suffering from psychological disorders and helping to improve their wellbeing and resilience. Additionally to train caregivers on aspects of self-care to address secondary trauma and tools to elicit expression and emotional regulation with beneficiaries.

  • Local staff with a psychological background will be able to use therapeutic arts tools during sessions with the survivors.
  • Visual journal will become a daily tool for expression and self-care.


Our work here

Number of missions: 1

Global impact in Peru: 137 residents and 40 local staff


Programmes: Art therapy residency