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  • From June 22nd to August 20th
  • From August 24th to October 9th
  • From October 26th to December  16th


New Caledonia 

Partner organization

Dispositif Relais de Nouméa

Arts Therapists

Marie-Claire Nosmas


32 teenagers from eight secondary schools of Nouméa who are unable to finish their schooling education (aged 12 to 16 years old)


The goal of the Dispositif Relais is intended for high school students who are in danger of dropping out of school or for young people who have dropped out of school. Their aim is to reintegrate the pupil in a general or an adapted training career.

Before prospecting the return to school work, the pupils need to work on themselves, building their own self-esteem and trust as they may struggle with social marginalization. The art therapy workshops in collaboration with them helped participate in this objective. Oftentimes, the youngsters do not drop out from school without any reason. With experience, teenagers tend to be affected by very tough familial situations or by street groups that harmfully impact them.

After the workshops, the aim is for the students to return to their colleges or classes where they will continue to be educated or choose another career path.


Our work here

Number of missions: 1

Global impact in New Caledonia: 32 teenagers who are unable to finish their schooling education

Partners: Dispositif Relais de Nouméa

Programmes: Art Therapy Sessions