Iraq (Kurdistan Region)

Type of mission                                               

3-step Humanitarian Mission

Step 1: 9 – 14 Feb 2016

Step 2: 31 May – 1 June 2016

Step 3: 7 – 11, November 2016

Partner organization

Jiyan Foundation


Qushtapa Camp, Erbil

Art Therapists

Sofia Casas, Nancy Slater


  • Primary: 20 caregivers psychotherapists and social workers
  • Secondary: 20 Yazidi women survivors from Syria and Iraq
  • 20 children (12-16 years old & 6-12 years old)
                          Mr. Murtaza Lakhani


The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights supports and assists victims and survivors of torture, persecution and violence in the city of Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region of the Republic of Iraq. They offer free medical, psychological and legal services for adults, children and families from multi-ethnic backgrounds, who survived genocidal attacks and other atrocities, and currently seek a haven in the city along with millions of other refugees.

The aim of the mission was to:

  • Support caregivers, psychotherapists and counsellors to facilitate art-making sessions with survivors.
  • Encourage the victims living in the Qushtapa Camp to lead a life with dignity, safety and hope through finding emotional regulation.
  • Encourage the use of visual journaling for the victims as a daily tool of expression.



19 – 25 July 2015


Dohuk area, Iraqi

Partner organization

IDP Yazidi community

Art Therapist

Sylvie Bianchi, Silvia Croll


Children in IDP communities in camps




Following the political turmoil of the region, and the tragic events of August 3rd 2014 when IS stormed Kurdish villages of Northern Iraq, the region finds itself with large numbers of IDPs who survived IS attacks, who saw their loved ones being captured, killed, tortured and raped.

The emotional and psychological wounds are enormous.

The aim of our mission was to evaluate the needs and feasibility of a future art therapy intervention amongst the Yazidi community and other IDP minorities in the Dohuk area of the Kurdistan Region of the Republic of Iraq .


Our work here

Number of missions: 2

Number of beneficiaries:20+ children, 20 Yazidi women and 20 caregivers


Programmes: 3-step humanitarian mission