Type of mission  

5 Clinical programmes  

1 art-based capacity building and training  


The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating consequences on the mental health of young people and children especially. The Red Pencil has focused its attention to serve the most vulnerable, especially children and youth in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. In France, we collaborated with Association Aurore in their Espaces Dynamiques d’Insertion (EDI) a training centre for young people aged 16 to 25, who have dropped out from the school system, have little or no qualifications and who are struggling with social and professional integration. 

Partner organisation 

Association Aurore (espaces dynamiques d’insertion (EDIs) 


Ile-de-France region (Melun, Coulommiers, Noisiel, Livry-Gargan, Montreuil) 

Art Therapists

Sarah Baxter 

Isabelle Fachinetti 

Brigitte El Bar 

Louise Duchâteau 



  • Clinical programmes: 

Young people, aged 16 to 25, having dropped out of school, with little or no skills – sometimes due to a disability, and following a training in social and professional reintegration in one of the 5 EDIs in the east of Paris. 

  • Training 

Staff of the 5 EDIs selected, i.e. psychosocial workers, counsellors in professional reintegration, educators, administrative staff.  


  • Clinical programmes 

Provide psychosocial support to young people in times of the pandemic and help them to deal with and express their emotions (non-verbally), to lower anxiety, to increase self-esteem and to improve their social relationships. 

  • Training 

– Provide the staff with theoretical knowledge and practical art-based tools to take care of oneself  

– Provide the staff with new tools to use with the young people under their care to find news ways to communicate, identify their possible traumas, help them express their emotions. 

Type of mission

April, 2017, (1 month) and included 4 sessions



Partner organization

SINGA France

Art Therapists

Mathilde Perignon


Migrants and refugees residing in Paris (12 individuals per session)



Singa's mission is to support refugees in their socio-economic integration by providing innovative solutions and by encouraging exchanges and cooperation with the host society

The Red Pencil will introduce beneficiaries to art therapy and create a safe space in order to regain a sense of wellbeing

  • Promote creativity and encourage experimentation in an safe space to allow cultural exchange, conversation and freedom of expression.
  • Promote mutual understanding, cooperation, and foster friendship and peace among participants.
  • Introduce art therapy participants to a secure space where they can work on their emotional scars.



Our work here

Number of missions: 2

Global impact in France: Migrants and refugees, 47 young people struggling with social and professional integration, 12 caregivers


Programmes: Clinical sessions, Arts-based Capacity Building and Training