The Red Pencil (Middle East)’s DUE DILIGENCE

(May 2023)

The Red Pencil (Middle East), based in Dubai, is one of the five entities which are part of The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission, based in Monaco.

Each entity of The Red Pencil is regulated by a Ministry and yearly financially audited.

Corporate information:

The Red Pencil (Middle East) – RPM – was set up in 2018 at the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, UAE (

Licence of RPM at IHC : 

Geographical outreach : Middle East and North Africa.

To know more about our international missions, please visit : 

To support our international missions in the Middle East, please support here :

Currently our missions in those countries are taken care of by The Red Pencil (International) until we can fund a team to work from the International Humanitarian City.