Our Geneva-based office plans and organizes arts therapy programmes across the world, for the benefits of the local communities.

The Red Pencil (international)’s DUE DILIGENCE

(May 2023)

The Red Pencil (International) based in Geneva is one of the five entities which are part of The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission, based in Monaco.

Each entity of The Red Pencil is regulated by a Ministry and yearly financially audited.

The Red Pencil (International) was incorporated in 2015 as an Association by Swiss Law and garnered Institution of Public Character(IPC) status in Switzerland in 2016.


The Red Pencil (International) – RPI – was set up in Geneva in 2015 as s Swiss Association, registered with the Register of Commerce (

By-laws of RPI :

The geographical outreach of RPI is any country globally, outside of Europe and Singapore.

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Our bank in Switzerland is UBS (


Through our missions, we reach out to a great variety of beneficiaries in many regions in the world. 

Here is a selection of our programmes: 

Philippines (2013)

Victims (children and families) of the Super Typhoon Haiyan

Kurdistan (2016)

Caregivers of children and women who fled religious and ethnic persecutions, sexual abuse and torture during the war in Syria and Iraq

Peru (2018)

Young female survivors of domestic and sexual violence, teenage mothers, adolescents at risk