The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission’s DUE DILIGENCE

(May 2023)

The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission, based in Monaco, is the governance umbrella of the four Red Pencil operational entities, based in Brussels, Dubai, Geneva and Singapore. 

Each entity of The Red Pencil is regulated by a Ministry and yearly financially audited.

Corporate Governance:

The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission – TRP – was set up in Monaco in 2021. 

The objectives of this umbrella entity in Monaco are two-fold :

  1. To establish a Governance Chart for all RP entities to adhere to and be monitored by an internal Board of Experts in the humanitarian field covering various aspects (trauma, mental health, wellbeing, operations, governance of sponsors, impact, monitoring and evaluation, sustainability).
  1. To organise international meetings of experts around the world to come annually to Monaco and share their experience on various subjects related to art therapy, trauma, emotions, mental health, neuroscience, and other related topics.

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Treasurer: Mr. Christopher Theo