For confidentiality reasons, all the names used in our beneficiaries’ stories have been changed. 

Ruth is a young woman from Uganda, who attended all the sessions in the 3 steps.

She was warm, kind, and caring to all the people she met. She was a smart girl with big aspirations.

Ruth started strong. She drew a drawing where the valley represented the moments when she felt sad, and the mountains her moments of happiness.

“A lot of people do not have the support to make their dreams come true," Ruth said.

Ruth was born in a small village in Uganda. She is one of 12 siblings and also lives with her mother and father, a peasant farmer.

Like many other girls in the village, Ruth helps take care of the garden, fetch water and do chores in the house. She is a high-school student and knows how important education is for her to live the life she wants.

She wants to attend University to become an Engineer, but does not have a sponsor for her education.

Her parents have an unstable relationship, with good and sometimes not so good moments. Issues such as scarcity of food or money cause arguments. Ruth cried a lot when her parents would fight.

Ruth’s mother suffers from cancer. She goes to a nearby hospital for treatment, and Ruth gets to spend quality time with her then.

Ruth also loves to spend time with her friends, playing games like netball or basketball. She likes to encourage them to keep working hard and make a better life for themselves.

She wants to help build things in the villages, such as water wells, lighting, crops, improve health facilities, educational facilities, and housing to improve the lives of the people.

Ruth also dreams of traveling to other countries to see how people live and become inspired to find a way to help her country.