A., Guinea

A. is a 16 year-old boy from Guinea who lives in Brussels. He participated in one of our programmes designed for asylum seekers in Belgium.

A-C., Burundi

A-C. is from Burundi and she lost her entire family in the genocide which took place in her country. Though she initially did not believe that she could do great art works, she did keep working through her emotional pain.

Amy, Uganda

Amy is a 17 year-old girl from Amor village. She is a young, ambitious woman with dreams for herself and her community. During the programme, she realised she wanted to study law to help orphans and fight for their rights.

D., Congo

D. is a young women from Republic of Congo (Kivu). She is the mother of a little girl that she had to leave behind when she went to Belgium alone and suffered greatly from this.

F., Guinea

F. is a 28 year-old woman from Guinea who left her daughter and husband  and moved alone to Belgium. F. wants to be reunited with her daughter more than anything and tries to battle her sadness with art therapy.

J., Philippines

J. was offered to take part in our art therapy sessions designed for children from underprivileged backgrounds who were displaced due to Typhoon Haiyan.

Matt, Indonesia

Matt is a 17 year-old boy who lives in Batam, Indonesia. When his mother passed away, he was sent to live in a children’s home. Along with other children, Matt was referred to art therapy as part of The Red Pencil Batam humanitarian mission.

Marina, Singapore

Marina is the mother of a special-needs child. She attended a support group using art therapy to help their well-being and self-care.

Ruth, Uganda

Ruth is a warm and kind-hearted person. She is also smart and has big aspirations: she wishes to attend university one day and become an engineer to help her community.

S., Iran

S. is a young woman from Iran, at the forefront of her thirties. She and her husband fled to Belgium and they had been there for 8 months before the sessions began. Throughout the sessions, she gradually opened up and became more in tune with her emotions.

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