“Since 2017, The Red Pencil (Singapore) has been providing group and individual art therapy services for the residents of Star Shelter, a temporary refuge for abused women and children. The Red Pencil team has always been working closely with Star Shelter, to understand our resident's needs and tailor customised programmes to provide relevant and effective therapeutic experience. The outcomes have been beneficial to our residents. We have seen them become more confident and resilient in rebuilding their lives free from violence. We appreciate the partnership.

Shared by Lorraine Lim, Manager of Star Shelter, Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO)

The art therapy sessions had helped these children of ex-offenders to channel their emotions and stress, enhance their self-esteem and manage behaviours. Thank you for empowering our children and we look forward to continuing this good partnership with The Red Pencil (Singapore). “

Shared by Elvis Oversee, Deputy Director of Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS)

Our residents have benefitted tremendously from the Art Therapy Workshop (8 sessions) sponsored by The Red Pencil (Singapore). We found the workshop to be both beneficial and effective in helping our residents develop self-awareness as well as manage their feelings. For example, one of our residents uncovered his newfound creativity and talent for the art. Another resident was also able to express his feelings and emotions through his art pieces. The sessions not only proved to be engaging but was also able to boost their self-confidence and interest. Other residents also found the workshop enjoyable, relaxing and helped reduce anxiety. We look forward to continue this collaboration with The Red Pencil to empower our beneficiaries to become captains of their own lives!

Shared by Florence Chow, General Manager of Singapore Cheshire Home