Why did you want to intern at The Red Pencil?

I’m a psychology student, as well as a very creative person having done theatre, dance and illustration. Hence I was very interested in how mental health and art can interest when it comes to art therapy, and I think The Red Pencil does some great work!

What is your proudest accomplishment during your internship? 

I think my proudest accomplishment has been working on and editing the video for the women's group art therapy project, as it was such a meaningful video to create and tell their stories about how art therapy has impacted them. 

How has the internship been beneficial to your personal and professional development?

I have definitely learnt a lot about art therapy and other forms of creative therapy through my time at The Red Pencil, and I am excited to explore more in my further studies.

Have you used creative arts in your personal life as a form of self-expression, grounding or coping?

Yes! I love watercolor painting as a form of mindfulness, grounding and relaxing after a long day. I think painting is very relaxing and soothing.

“I love watercolor painting as a form of mindfulness, grounding and relaxing after a long day."

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

Definitely going out for a hike or bike ride, spending time outdoors and in nature is so beneficial for my mental health!

What are some of your plans and goals after your internship at The Red Pencil?

I'm currently doing another internship with an organization that focuses on mental health, and intend to finish my psychology degree!

What are some of your hopes for The Red Pencil ten years down the road?

I hope to see more TRP projects, and for the art therapy scene in Singapore flourish, as well as for TRP to share more about trauma and trauma-informed care.

What’s a quote you live by?

A song lyric, “How rare and beautiful it is to even exist" by Sleeping at last!