The Red Pencil (Singapore) x Mama on Palette Mothers' Day Programme

The Red Pencil (Singapore) has teamed up with Mama on Palette to bring a series of art therapy workshops leading up to Mother’s Day.

Mama on Palette consists of a community of mothers who are passionate about arts, parenting, and mental well-being. Mama on Palette aims to connect mother artists and encourage more mothers to embrace art in their lives. As Mama on Palette’s tagline goes “Happier mamas, through art”, we hope to help improve and advocate for mothers’ mental well-being through a series of art therapy workshops! Check out the workshops below!

Along with art therapists, participants can have the opportunity to co-curate a 4-week long art exhibition, sharing their creative journeys and experiences as a community. The exhibition will be showcased in a public platform with the aims of raising awareness for art in support of mental wellbeing for mothers, and to reach out to more mothers in the larger community.

Breathing with Art

Find relaxation and dedicate some time to reflect using various art materials and engage in the shared art-making experience. During this workshop, the participants will have an opportunity to experience the transformative nature of the creative process.


When we grow up, we rarely dedicate time to creating something with our hands, and if we do, we often do it for someone else. This workshop will focus on making something that you would want to gift yourself.

Seeing Anew

Sometimes, to find your way out of a challenging situation, you just need to take a step back and see it from a new perspective. Taking a small break and allowing some distance between yourself and the issue at hand can bring much-needed clarity and calm. This workshop is meant for those who find themselves in a stressful and demanding situation.


Maintaining curiosity and fascination with the world around us is an integral part of being mindful and living in the present moment. During this online workshop, the participants will be invited to explore their familiar surroundings from a new perspective.

We look forward to seeing you!