On-site Art Therapy Programmes

We now offer on-site art therapy programmes at our new centre at Redhill! These programmes cater to a variety of service users, ranging from children, youth and families. Through our programmes facilitated by certified and registered art therapists, you will be guided in varied therapeutic artmaking activities and discussions. These sessions offer a safe and comfortable space for you to express your feelings and thoughts, and allow you to journey through your worries and concerns with the company of our art therapists.

Participants need not have prior artistic skills or talents, but will need some paper and basic writing and drawing materials. Children participating in our programmes should be at least 7 years old.

Details of these programmes are available below. To enquire, please scan the QR code below or visit to access our enquiry form. Programme fees vary, but financial subsidies are available via means testing. Please note that social distancing will be observed during the sessions.


Suitable for Children

( aged 6 to 12 )

Duration: 8 weekly sessions, 1 hour/session.


Suitable for Children & Youths

( aged 6 to 25 )

Duration: 6 weekly sessions, 1 hour/session. 


Suitable for Youths

( aged 13 to 25 )

Duration: 8 weekly sessions, 1 hour/session


Suitable for Caregiver & Child/Ward

*One parent/caregiver to at least one child/ward (suitable for children between 7 years old to 12 years old)

Duration: 6 weekly sessions, 1 hour/session.