Online Art Therapy Experiential Workshops

This series of one-time Online Art Therapy Experiential (OATE) Workshops aims to provide art therapy experiential and raise awareness of art therapy in a brief time frame. This programme offers an opportunity for participants to have a taster of what art therapy is and to engage with therapeutic art activities. Click here to participate in our current OATE workshops.

If you would like to organise one for your company or organisation, kindly get in touch with us at 

“The two online workshops that I attended were wonderful and allowed me to learn more about myself and art therapy. The coffee painting was very fun and interesting. The directive which Yoko (art therapist) gave us – to fill up a jar with various shapes and sizes and patterns – provided me an opportunity to look into what is going on in my life right now. The self portrait session was very meaningful. The directive which Yoko gave us – to draw a visionary self and use magazines cut outs to fill it up – provided me an opportunity to look into my future.

Two different types of sessions and I loved them both. Thank you so much for providing such workshops during this difficult time. I'm very appreciative of the effort and time taken by The Red Pencil (Singapore) to organise this."

Words of affirmation shared by Gladys, who participated in two OATE Workshops (Image on the right by Gladys)