Sue, Singapore

Sue (pseudonym) is a primary school-aged girl who was diagnosed with cancer and is now in remission. She was referred for art therapy along with her younger sisters.

Diana, Singapore

Diana (pseudonym) is a septuagenarian service user in a senior citizens’ home. Diana was one of the participants in an 8-session group art therapy program which targeted issues such as isolation and a general loss of interest in daily activities.

Anne, Singapore

Anne is a teenage girl with a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She shows difficulties in her self-esteem and has been supported through play therapy.

Alex, Singapore

Alex is a primary school boy under the care of his maternal grandparents. He was abandoned by his mother and does not recognise nor acknowledge her.

Alice, Singapore

Alice is a 34 year old women who is rebuilding herself and how she feels with the help of Art Therapy. She has suffered from a lot of trauma and neglect.

Marina Chong, Singapore

Marina Chong was one of the 7 women caregivers/parent of the special needs children invited to attend a support group that used art to help their well-being and self-care.