The most memorable part about fundraising is how we can help more people with the money we have raised. 

Why did you choose to intern at The Red Pencil (Singapore)?

In the past decade, I have been working in financial institutions in China, primarily in sales management. This time, I came abroad to pursue my master's degree, and the school allows for internships. Therefore, I chose to do an internship. Having worked in commercial organizations for a long time, I am eager to explore working in the NGO sector, as it can make a greater social impact.

Is this your first time assisting a charity with its fundraising efforts? How has it been?

This is my first time working with a charity organization on fundraising. Under Corporate & Partnerships Manager Joey’s guidance, we conducted research on a total of 695 Singapore-listed companies and reached out to relevant contacts via email, awaiting their responses. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and am more than willing to contribute my effort to help others as it brings me great joy.

What is your day-to-day job scope as a fundraising intern?

My typical tasks involve conducting research on listed companies. I gather relevant information about them and draft cover letters and appeal letters to introduce our project in the hopes of gaining their support. I also maintain records of our existing donors and express our gratitude to them through appreciation letters.

What were the obstacles you faced in your time as a fundraising intern? And how do you overcome it?

The main issue I faced was time management. During my internship, I was also taking three courses at school, two of which are math courses. Since I didn’t have a strong math background, I needed to invest a significant amount of time in my studies. Balancing school and internship was challenging, as it meant sacrificing my leisure time for my studies and internship. That was the only way I could manage both effectively.

What is the most memorable part of your internship? 

It is my first time working at an NGO, and the most memorable part through fundraising is how we can help more people with the money we raised. I find joy in helping others through the process.

How has working with The Red Pencil (Singapore) helped you in your understanding of art therapy?

I believe that in today's society, modern individuals may experience mental illness, and art therapy is a valuable means of emotional expression, particularly in allowing people to release their emotions for therapeutic purposes. 


How has your experience at The Red Pencil inspired you in other aspects of your life?

At The Red Pencil (Singapore), I primarily learned the importance of “altruism" and the happiness it brings.

I find joy in helping others through the process."