I'm grateful I pursued the opportunity regardless!"

What has led you to apply for an internship at The Red Pencil Singapore?

I applied for an internship position at The Red Pencil as I wanted to explore what it is like to work in a non-profit organization. Initially I was hesitant as I was unfamiliar with the term art therapy, which the organization specializes in, but I'm grateful I pursued the opportunity regardless!

How has your experience as a Marketing and Communications intern with The Red Pencil Singapore helped you to grow personally and professionally?

During my time as a Marcomms intern with The Red Pencil Singapore, it has provided me with the opportunity to learn more about mental health and art therapy as I get to meet Singaporeans through different outreach events to share more about our cause. Personally, this experience has helped me to gain more knowledge and confidence in understanding what art therapy does as I listen to my sharing with others and learn from my colleagues in their sharing. Professionally, I have learnt to navigate and use various applications like WordPress, Mailchimp and Blackbaud along the way. 

Do you think having a creative outlet is important for self-expression?

Yes! I feel that having a creative outlet gives us a sanctuary to relieve stress from our hectic lives and to tackle our daily challenges as we are constantly bombarded with busy schedules and tight deadlines. 


It also helps me to be reminded of the little joys in my life when life gets a little mundane. 

How successful do you think The Red Pencil Singapore has been at using art therapy to connect with people?


My experience at The Red Pencil Singapore has shown me the organization's commendable work in connecting people with art therapy. Through interviews with an art therapist, I discovered that these sessions not only aid individuals in coping with mental health struggles but also provide a platform for forming support groups. The participants can find solace and understanding among others who have experienced similar struggles, cultivating resilience and solidarity through their shared grief and recovering journeys. 


I am proud of The Red Pencil Singapore in providing Singaporeans an alternative avenue aside from traditional verbal communication therapy, to cope with their struggles that are beyond the limitations of words. 

What has been the most eventful part of your internship journey so far?


The most eventful part of my internship journey would be having to be part of the outreach events and to plan for the Christmas Party for our team. I truly enjoyed the experience of interacting with different mental health organizations and people, it made me realize that there are many organizations in Singapore that value mental health and are available if you need help. Listening to the stories shared by people has also helped me to understand the struggles of ordinary Singaporeans, and is a reminder to myself to be kind to others because everyone is going through their own battles. 


Through the planning of the Christmas party, I have learned so much about the dynamics of our team and I am thankful to have met wonderful colleagues who truly care about the well-being of others and have a passion for serving. 

What are your hopes for The Red Pencil Singapore?


I hope that RPS will continue to have people with willing hearts to bring about more awareness of art therapy to Singaporeans who have yet to know about its transformative power. 

How has working with The Red Pencil Singapore helped you in your understanding of art therapy?


It has helped me to recognize that there is so much more to art therapy than just drawing or creating art. It is to integrate psychotherapeutic techniques to the creative process, linking your thoughts and emotions to help you understand them better. 

“It helps me to be reminded of the little joys in my life when life gets a little mundane!"