I am captivated by the mission of fostering joy through the application of creative art therapy 

Can you describe your role at The Red Pencil (Singapore) and the main responsibilities you had as a Fundraising Intern?


My roles included managing fundraising events, liasing with participants and making sure there is a smooth event flow on the day itself. I also made appeals to past donors, both corporations and Individuals. Lastly, I worked with our Corporate Partnerships Manager on setting up The Red Pencil (Singapore)'s donor tier system and starting up our upcoming family legacy philanthropy programme.

What motivated you to apply for an internship with The Red Pencil (Singapore)?

As an individual with a vested interest in the arts, I am captivated by the mission of fostering joy through the application of creative arts therapy, finding it deeply resonant with my own professional aspirations. 


What skills or knowledge did you gain or improve upon during your internship, and how did you see them benefiting your future career?


In addition to administrative proficiency, I am tasked with orchestrating various aspects of fundraising events, while also carefully navigating the diverse perspectives of stakeholders such as board members and donors, which allowed me to learn how to manage people with different working styles, something that I am bound to face in my future career!

Can you share a specific project or task you worked on during your internship that you found particularly challenging or rewarding? How did you approach it, and what did you learn from the experience?


One of the most gratifying moments in my professional journey with The Red Pencil (Singapore) occurred when I successfully secured a crucial in-kind donation for our fundraising event's goodie bags. Despite initial challenges and resistance encountered while soliciting sponsors, my persistent efforts ultimately yielded favourable outcomes, providing me with invaluable insights into the dynamics of sponsorship acquisition.


The Red Pencil (Singapore) focuses on using art therapy to support individuals in need. How do you think your contributions during your internship have impacted the organisation's mission and the people it serves?

As a fundraising intern, my impact could not be directly measured as I was not working with the beneficiaries. However, my impact was more back-end, sourcing for donors and identifying ways to connect with our supporters. Though often unrecognised, I now see the vast impact of my role in driving the financing of our charity and gathering crucial funds for our charity.

What are some challenges you faced as a Fundraising Intern for The Red Pencil (Singapore)?

Navigating tight deadlines and collaborating across diverse departments demanded adept coordination and multitasking skills.

Reflecting on your overall experience, what advice would you give to future interns joining The Red Pencil (Singapore)?

Come with an open mind and remain proactive in your internship role! The people are the best part of the internship.

“ My time as a Fundraising Intern has allowed me to see the broader landscape of social service agencies and provided me with the challenge of learning how to manage people with different working styles