The Red Pencil (Singapore)

82 Redhill Lane


Singapore 150082


Period Approved:

01 May 2015 (Latest approval renewal till 02 November 2024)

Sector Administrator:

Ministry of Social and Family Development


Charity Registration Date:

15 June 2012


Full member since 1 October 2015


Company Limited By Guarantee

UEN Number:


Date of Establishment:

8 June 2011


The Red Pencil (Singapore) continues to adhere to the Charities Act, the Code of Governance for Charities & Institutions of a Public Character and regulations issue by the Charity Council, report to the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service and National Arts Council. Improving accountability and transparency, The Red Pencil (Singapore) has, with the consultation of Shared Services for Charities Ltd, developed a Finance Policy and Procedure Manual and a Human Resource Policy and Procedure Manual.

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Board selection and recruitment

A candidate shall be considered as a Director after due consideration of his / her personal attributes, core skills or competencies, and commitment necessary to govern RPS effectively.

Training and evaluation of board effectiveness

The GM shall recommend suitable training & development opportunities to possess the core competencies necessary for effective governance, that the Directors may consider. The Directors may request and/or be invited to participate in internal and/or external training.

The Directors shall conduct a self-evaluation at the end of each year to assess its performance and effectiveness.

Programmes and Services Terms of Reference

The designated Board Member shall assist the Board in its oversight of strategic initiatives and opportunities, including overseeing the development and implementation of RPS’ operations and programmes.

Finance Terms of Reference

The designated Board Member shall assist the Board in managing and monitoring the organisation’s finances. The person will make recommendations to the Board on finance matters such as financial guidelines, internal controls, risk management and corporate governance matters.

Fundraising Terms of Reference

The designated Board Member shall assist the Board in its overseeing the organisation’s overall fundraising, establish fundraising strategy, and assist in identifying and soliciting funds.

Human Resource Terms of Reference

The designated Board Member shall assist the Board in its management of the organisation's human resource policies, and review job descriptions and remuneration framework.

Audit Terms of Reference

The designated Board Member shall assist and is mandated by the Board to oversee the internal control and risk management systems, financial reporting, appointment of external auditor, internal audit function, and whistle-blowing arrangements.

Appointment / Nomination Terms of Reference

The designated Board Member shall assist the Board in the nomination, appointment and reappointment of Board members. The person will ensure appropriate induction of incoming Board members, evaluate the performance of the Board, and actively plan for the succession of key office bearers.

Re-appointment of Directors

On completion of the three (3) year term, the Board shall evaluate the suitability of the re-appointment of directors standing for re-appointment and their past contributions to the organisation. 

Financial Matters

  • The Red Pencil (Singapore)’s operating and Financial Year is from January to December.
  • The Board approves the annual budget and ensures that internal control systems and Standard Operating Procedures are in place.
  • Three quotations are to be obtained when the purchase is above S$5,000. Any purchase above $100,000 requires a tender exercise. For budgeted purchases, the General Manager approves up to $5,000, Managing Director approves between $5,000 to $50,000, Treasurer approves between $50,000 to $100,000, and the Board approves above $100,000.
  • Official serialised receipts shall be issued for all donations received.
  • Payments shall be based on original receipts, invoices and supporting documents. All supporting documents shall be approved by an authorised approver before payment is to be processed.
  • It is a policy of RPS to adopt an investment strategy that preserves its cash reserves rather than pursuit of returns. Investment in any other financial instruments shall not be permitted unless recommended by the Managing Director and authorised by the Board.

Charity Volunteer Management Policy

Our long-term goal is to build a steady and reliable pool of volunteers who feel a sense of belonging at The Red Pencil (Singapore)


Potential volunteers will need to fill in the Volunteer Application form which seeks to obtain information such as profile information, areas of interests, skills and expertise, as well as availability. Potential volunteers may be interviewed depending on the type of role they are applying for.

Code of Conduct and Confidentiality

Volunteers are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct during his/her volunteer placement and keep all information acquired from the charity confidential. This will be communicated to all volunteers prior placement.


It is good practice to obtain feedback from volunteers after completion of their assignment, or at 6-month intervals for regular feedback.


Either party may mutually consent to terminate the service when the service is no longer suitable.


All Board members and employees, with the implementation of both the manuals in the first quarter of 2018 will be required to comply with conflict of interest policy which stipulates that, when dealing in matters concerning The Red Pencil (Singapore), they are to exercise their best care, skill and judgement for the sole benefit of the organization and to make full disclosure of interests, relationships and holdings that could potentially result in a conflict of interest. Written processes are in place for Board members and employees to declare actual or potential conflicts of interest on a regular and need-to basis. Staff and Board members are to be excluded from discussions and approvals of transactions to which they have a conflict of interest. 


The Human Resource Policy and Procedure Manual also covers the Whistle Blowing policy.  The Whistle-blowing Policy ensures necessary arrangements are available where whistle-blowers may raise concerns about possible improprieties without fear of reprisals in any form. 

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