Since 2011, The Red Pencil (Singapore) team has been devoted to bringing the benefits of art therapy to many beneficiaries, working with partner organisations and the local art therapists' community to achieve its objectives and mission and to raise awareness of art therapy.


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The Red Pencil (Singapore) works towards behavioral change in terms of building our beneficiaries' confidence and resilience.

Here are some examples of how our programmes have contributed to improving their participants' lives.

Our data reveals that clients who underwent arts therapy sessions with The Red Pencil (Singapore) significantly improved their self-confidence and emotional well-being, as well as their ability to express emotions and thoughts:

Ability to verbalize emotions
Improved Social Competency
Improved Emotional Well-Being

Source: Data collected over a 12-month period through the Enhanced Programme evaluation System (EPES) by National Council of Social Service (NCSS) between April 2017 and March 2018.



Alice is a 34 year-old woman who is rebuilding herself and how she feels with the help of arts therapy. She has suffered from a lot of trauma and neglect.


Marina is one of seven female caregivers/parent of a special-needs child who took part in a support group using art therapy to help their well-being and self-care.

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“We engaged arts therapists from The Red Pencil (Singapore) to encourage expression, healing and well-being through the creative process of arts-making at the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (which provides residential care for young women from dysfunctional families and are in need of shelter, care and protection, are beyond parental control or are in conflict with the law."

After 16 sessions, the teenage girls were able to:

• Identify and express their inner feelings freely and share them with the art therapist and other group members

• Calm themselves, stay focused and concentrate in silence for 5 minutes with closed eyes

• Realise that a secure place does exist for them to let go of their emotions

Shared by: Women on a Mission (WOAM) in support of the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls

“Before the arts therapy programme, my child had very low self-respect. She was in a state of denial and was not aware that domestic abuse was wrong. She also constantly blamed herself for any negative experiences.

Over a period of time, she started to express more interest in attending the arts therapy sessions and showed improvement in terms of self-respect."

Shared by: A mother who is residing in Casa Raudha Women Home with her child