1. I’m a registered arts therapist. How can I be involved with The Red Pencil?

1. Take part in our programmes

You can request to be added to our art therapists database by sending us an email with your resume and interests to welcome @ redpencil.org .

You will then receive our call-outs for our local (Singapore, Belgium) or international programmes.

2. Help us promote The Red Pencil and its missions to fellow arts therapists

  • If you are participating in an arts therapy conference or event, you can mention The Red Pencil and encourage people to join our network.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and invite all your friends, arts therapists or not, to do the same!
  • In your e-mail signature, include a line about The Red Pencil with a link to our donation page.

3. Help us promote and contribute to the development of arts therapy

  • If you come across any relevant and important information (event, study…) on arts therapy, you can notify our  Marketing and Communications team who may showcase it in our news or social media channels.
  • Working on an arts therapy research project involving themes or beneficiaries that are similar to The Red Pencil work? We’d love to hear about it and see if we could collaborate! Drop us an e-mail at welcome @ redpencil.org.

More information: see our Get Involved page.

2. I’m not a registered arts therapist but I’d love to be involved with the Red Pencil. How can I contribute?

Only registered arts therapists can take part in our arts therapy programmes (missions, workshops, clinical sessions…)

However, there are many other ways that you can help our cause, either by volunteering to our events, doing an internship in our offices, setting up your own crowdfunding campaign for the benefit of The Red Pencil or of course making a donation.

Many thanks in advance for your time and generosity!

More information: see our Get Involved page.

3. I know a person / a group of people who could greatly benefit from arts therapy. What can I do?

In Singapore, both private individuals and organizations can get in touch with The Red Pencil (welcome @ redpencil.org). Each request is individually assessed and we do our best to find the most suitable programme depending on the needs that are expressed.

Elsewhere, local organizations who already have a psychosocial programme implemented and who would be interested in incorporating arts therapy can contact the Red Pencil (welcome @ redpencil.org) for more information on possible ways to collaborate.

4. How does one become a licensed arts therapist?

All the arts therapists that the Red Pencil partners with are certified, meaning that they have a degree in fine arts, psychology or social work and have completed a Master’s in Arts Therapy.

Here is an updated list of Arts Therapy Master’s degrees around the world.
The Red Pencil also offers scholarships for individuals interested in pursuing such a degree. More information here.