“I want to congratulate you, myself and everyone involved in this mission for the successful accomplishment and the great work done. Thank you for the great support and follow-up all through the mission.

It was definitely an important and defining milestone in the creation and establishment of art therapy in Sudan.

I want to extend my sincerest and most endeared gratification to all the Red Pencil team and all the generous donors behind it and its life-changing programs."

Shared by Issam Khalil, Director of Suha Atelier in Sudan at the end of our 3-Step humanitarian mission in this country (October 2018)

“We engaged arts therapists from The Red Pencil (Singapore) to encourage expression, healing and well-being through the creative process of arts-making at the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (which provides residential care for young women from dysfunctional families and are in need of shelter, care and protection, are beyond parental control or are in conflict with the law."

After 16 sessions, the teenage girls were able to:

• Identify and express their inner feelings freely and share them with the art therapist and other group members

• Calm themselves, stay focused and concentrate in silence for 5 minutes with closed eyes

• Realise that a secure place does exist for them to let go of their emotions

Shared by Women on a Mission (WOAM) in support of the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls