“I want to congratulate you, myself and everyone involved in this mission for the successful accomplishment and the great work done. Thank you for the great support and follow-up all through the mission. It was definitely an important and defining milestone in the creation and establishment of art therapy in Sudan. I want to extend my sincerest and most endeared gratification to all the Red Pencil team and all the generous donors behind it and its life-changing programs.

Shared by Issam Khalil, Director of Suha Atelier at the end of our 3-Step humanitarian mission in Sudan (October 2018)

“…we have seen significant changes on some children who stayed in YPKAI. The program made wonderful impact on enhancing children’s creativity and providing social support to motivate them. Overall, we are hoping that The Red Pencil will still support this art therapy program for children at YPKAI continuously in the future.

Shared by Iis, Coordinator of Yayasan Peduli Kanker Anak Indonesia (YPKAI), at the end of our residency in Surabaya, Indonesia (2018)

“The trainers are more equipped with relevant skills that are both culturally and developmentally appropriate. They gained more self-confidence in working with the children, especially in the area of positive discipline and relationship building in bridging sensitive topics that may bring up the child’s past. The trainers learnt to be a mentor to the children and to build safe, trusting relationships with the children."

Shared by Tan Yu Lian, Counsellor and Resource Manager of RADION International, partner organisation of our Thailand 3-Step Mission (2018)

“We engaged arts therapists from The Red Pencil (Singapore) to encourage expression, healing and well-being through the creative process of arts-making at the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (which provides residential care for young women from dysfunctional families and are in need of shelter, care and protection, are beyond parental control or are in conflict with the law)."

After 16 sessions, the teenage girls were able to:

• Identify and express their inner feelings freely and share them with the art therapist and other group members

• Calm themselves, stay focused and concentrate in silence for 5 minutes with closed eyes

• Realise that a secure place does exist for them to let go of their emotions

Shared by Women on a Mission (WOAM) in support of the Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls

The Red Pencil’s… mission… greatly helped our staff and volunteers in using art as a valuable tool in processing and expressing feelings. Through the mission, the staff received hands-on training and experience in planning, implementing and evaluating art activities for its beneficiaries who are facing difficult life circumstances."

Shared by the Executive Director of Tiwala Kids and Communities, partner organisation of our 3-Step Humanitarian Mission in Legazpi, Philippines (2016)

“This workshop was flexible and useful for my team as well as my work with the clients. The training sessions were important and the theory was interesting. I like all the training contents. The practicum helped me to learn more about how to apply art with my clients."

Shared by the Project Manager of Hagar International at the end of our 3-Step Humanitarian Mission in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2016)


“The Red Pencil goes where many fear to tread. After a catastrophe from nature’s violence, earthquakes, avalanches and forest fires, or man’s devastation by war and bombs, Red Pencil goes to the site to rescue the children – to bring them from their loss of parents, their loss of direction and often total terror and show them the way back to normality through arts therapy. I am greatly honoured to be associated with this wonderful organisation.

Shared by Simon Murray, Businessman & Ambassador of The Red Pencil

“DEME works worldwide, often in difficult places that come out of conflict situations and are rebuilding their economy and society. Our project teams keenly feel that “hard" infrastructure alone is not the end-all for people in these situations. Psychological support, especially for the youngest who may be (in)directly affected by violence and conflict, is at least as important. Therefore, we treasure charities that makes a difference. We support the Red Pencil, as we have seen that the arts therapy it provides, on the surface a little gesture, indeed goes a long way towards healing.

Shared by Philip Hermans, General Manager of DEME Group

“I very much enjoyed reading your final narrative report. The results obtained, despite the challenges that had to be overcome by the arts therapists, are very satisfying. The fact that they were able to create links with local people and institutions is really interesting and I hope that this will contribute to the sustainability of the project.

Shared by Béatrice Grossen, Project Manager of the Republic and Canton of Geneva

“The Foundation is convinced about the importance of the work The Red Pencil! The Red Pencil allows an inner healing to take place for the children and families under their care. The psychosocial assistance is an aspect of the relief and recovery which is often overlooked by other stakeholders, and yet it is just as important! The sustainability commitment of The Red Pencil to train local caregivers and teachers is a strong guarantee of the long-term impact of their interventions."

Shared by Véronique Peterbroeck, Founder & Managing Director of The Jean-François Peterbroeck Foundation