“The Red Pencil's work makes it possible for many from disadvantaged backgrounds and situations to find a safe channel to express themselves."

Why did you choose to intern at The Red Pencil (Singapore)?
Before applying for the internship, I actually did not know that art therapy existed in Singapore. I was fueled by curiosity to find out more and also felt that it would be a good opportunity for me to understand what it is like to work in a humanitarian organisation!

Why do you think The Red Pencil's mission is significant?
The Red Pencil's work makes it possible for many from disadvantaged backgrounds and situations to find a safe channel to express themselves. Especially when more are becoming aware of the importance of mental health, what they do at The Red Pencil really makes a difference.

What's the most enjoyable thing about being a Marketing and Communication Intern?
The freedom to create! In my time at The Red Pencil (Singapore), my supervisor Joyce, gave me many opportunities to make creative decisions on my own. This really challenged me to explore different styles and applications when it came to creating. Also, the opportunity to attend some of the events as a stand-in photographer allowed me to truly experience how art therapy can impact the community. It was a heartening experience.

What skills did you develop during your internship with The Red Pencil (Singapore)?
Mainly time management, open mindedness and creativity. With many ongoing events and projects happening at a time, it is important for everyone to be at pace with each other. Thus, as a member of a closely knitted team, it was important to keep track of my deadlines and help me plan my work ahead of time.

What were some challenges you faced during your internship and how did you overcome them?
One key challenge I recall was learning the adobe applications. Prior to joining this internship I never had the opportunity to try out the adobe applications such as photoshop and premiere pro, so the learning curve was pretty steep for me. Fortunately, Darryl and Rainy were quick to help me out and supplement useful resources for me to find my way.

The best bit of advice you have for someone looking to intern at The Red Pencil (Singapore).
Take that leap of faith! Since art therapy is relatively less well known in Singapore as compared to traditional therapy, this would make for a good opportunity to inspire and be inspired by the healing powers of creative arts therapy. With an open mind and eagerness to pick up new skills, your time at The Red Pencil (Singapore) would surely be fulfilling!

What are your career aspirations?
I had always hoped that I would be a social worker one day. Although the path I am on does not seem as typical, I believe that all my experiences, including working at The Red Pencil has, and will continue to play a part in driving me to chase my dream.

What are some of your hopes for The Red Pencil ten years down the road?
I hope that The Red Pencil will be able to expand their reach globally and bring the healing power of creative arts therapy to more. Consequently, I also hope that more will be inspired by their mission and volunteer to increase the visibility and recognition of creative arts therapy as alternative mediums of therapy.

Take that leap of faith!"