Laurence de Groote, a registered and certified art therapist, founded The Red Pencil (Singapore) with her husband after witnessing the distress of victims, both children and adults, of the 2004 tsunamis that hit the Indian Ocean coastlines.

Laurence was working at the Raffles Hospital in Singapore supporting children who had been caught in the waves. There, she witnessed first-hand how big a part creative arts therapy could play in their healing process.

The Red Pencil (Singapore) was founded in 2011. Over the years, the organization has expanded its scope of activities and beneficiaries in Singapore and internationally, developing and offering creative arts therapy programmes in every continent. It has tried to respond to the rapid growth of societies, migration issues and the evolving needs of beneficiaries in various cultural contexts.

Today, The Red Pencil has transitioned from one single mission to thriving Institutions of Public Character in Singapore and Geneva, a Foundation of Public Utility in Belgium, and a registered Non-Profit Organisation in the United Arab Emirates. In 2021, The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission registered its governance office in Monaco. This will harmonise our therapeutic interventions worldwide, ensure good governance and support fundraising for all entities in Brussels, Dubai, Geneva and Singapore.

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